Monday, November 30, 2015

Bundles, Bundles and more Bundles! (Honest Company)

So I just received my first bundles from the Honest company and I Love them! I had been looking for natural products, particularly for the bath and skin care products... I didn't want to use anything that could harm my little newborn' skin! While searching I found the Honest company website that advertised being a eco-friendly using only natural organic ingredients which are extremely safe for families and homes...turns out it was created by Jessica Alba and her husband after being tired of never finding what they were searching for!

Lots of product!
I got 2 different Essentials bundles, 1 for shampoo, face + body lotion and baby powder and another bundle for body oil, nipple cream, diaper rash cream and hand sanitizers. I also ordered the free diaper trial, so cute with the little designs on them! and they have great reviews (I'll let you know what I think as soon as I try them)

I think maybe the best thing about bundles is how easy they'll make my life, I saved 35% and they will ship them to me regularly every month (or every 3-6 weeks...I can adjust the timing of each bundle when needed). With the packages delivered right to my door it leaves me more time to focus on the more important things like my soon to be little bundle of joy!

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