Monday, January 11, 2016

Hunter Originals!

The iconic rain boots that never go out of style. The Hunter Original Tour and Original Tall are easy to match with numerous outfits which makes them no brainers when the rainy seasons come. I got them to get around and keep my heels/other shoes in my bag/car when I’m going out for a special occasion.

I wasn’t sure which ones to get so I got both (Black is the Original Tour, Red is the Original Tall)! They arrived just in time for the rainy season so I’ve gotten to try them out quite a bit. There’ no insulation so they are more for Spring/Fall (definitely not for Canadian winters with snow... this year’ been a little weird so far but luckily I’m not there this winter)

The Original Tall reach higher on the calf, are sturdier and heavy (very heavy if you’re used to wearing smaller shoes/heels all the time). I find them great for more wilderness walks than an everyday boot.

The Original Tour is more flexible (you can actually fold them to pack them away which is great for traveling!) and much lighter which I prefer as it makes it a more natural walking experience. So for anyone who is petite I’d definitely go for the Tour.

As for the sizes, they run a little big so I suggest ordering a half size smaller.

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