Saturday, February 6, 2016

Owlet Baby Monitor: A Game Changer!

As a new mom, I feel I've gone through a million different products and websites looking for some of the best items to get because there are so many options out there! This is my review of what I believe is one of the greatest baby monitors on the market! 

When our son Julian was born in December, he was a perfect little angel for the first few weeks – textbook baby! We thought we were the luckiest people on earth, until the colic kicked in ☺.

I’ve always worried about my baby while he is sleeping, and before I got the Owlet monitor I’d constantly have Julian beside me 24/7, usually in my office at home where I work during the day and in our bedroom at night… he’d sleep so soundly and without movement at times that I would regularly give him a little tickle to make sure he was ok! At night I would find myself staring at Julian and lightly putting my hand on him to check to see if he was still breathing. We tried having him take his naps in his crib in our bedroom alone where we have a camera and a movement monitor under his mattress setup, but I was never really comfortable in its reliability… you can’t really see that much from the camera and how could I know if the movement monitor would really work when I need it the most? Yes I could just pick him up and wait for the alarm to ring (of course if I did that Julian would wake up!!) but it wasn’t sufficient to allow me to focus on other tasks during his daytime naps or sleep well at night. So we would move his crib from the bedroom to the office everyday so I could always keep an eye on him. You can all imagine how exhausted we were becoming. We started using the Owlet from when Julian was 2 weeks old. Just imagine having the same type of heart rate and oxygen saturation level monitoring system that the hospitals use at home, brilliant!

We are LOVING the Owlet! Now with the Owlet Monitor he can peacefully rest in his room, in his crib and I can check his vitals any time I want (which I do all the time!). Having an extra set of eyes on him checking his heart rate and oxygen levels and knowing that it’s designed to alert through the base station and app should those levels fall out of range has allowed both Julian and I to sleep better (actual sleep!).

So here are some of the reasons why the Owlet is the best baby monitor out there;
-Has given us peace of mind!
-Monitors the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels using pulse oximetry (same as the hospitals!)
-Designed to alert you if your baby’s vitals go below or above the pre-defined normal range
-Gives you notifications when internet/network is down or you’ve moved away from the network range
-Ability to have both parents connected to the app has been great, my husband regularly checks it while at work (he can even tell when he’s sleeping or awake from his heart rate!)
-The sock is easy to put on once you get used to it and doesn’t bother Julian, we’ve integrated putting the sock on/off during his diaper changes.
-Battery actually lasts 18 hours, charges quickly too so your little one doesn’t go without it for very long (Julian probably wears his 20-22 hours a day!)
Having a colicky baby means we’re all pretty exhausted most of the time… we’re grateful to have a monitor that doesn’t just show us a little video or sounds of what our son is doing in his crib – but providing us with actual heart rate and oxygen levels has made the Owlet indispensable in our home.

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  1. It is wonderful to see how technology has come to the world of baby monitors. Things like this will give parents an extra measure of comfort and ease.