Friday, May 13, 2016

Greece: Best Hotel in Athens - Met34 Hotel!

I was really looking forward to and very nervous about our first trip as a family (with our 4 month old son)… how was the plane gonna be? What about the airports? Was our destination safe? I hope we picked the right hotel!? And a million other things running through my mind!

The Met34 in Athens really came through and didn't disappoint at all! Becoming one of my favourite hotels ever!

We originally wanted to take a mini trip for our first experience travelling with our 4 month old, quick flight, somewhere we knew etc… but then looking at the prices decided instead on going to check out somewhere that was not too far and that we had not yet been. We first looked at going to Capri in Italy but since we were traveling at the end of April we thought we’d look to somewhere a little warmer – someone suggested Greece and the more we considered it the more we loved it!

Now for the planning… since we generally needed more space and a kitchen with the baby and my mother in law was coming we considered renting an apartment but we still wanted the facilities of a hotel! We searched and searched and searched but never really found anything we truly liked… until we found the Met34 in Athens, it looked amazing with everything we wanted so we booked it right away.

Arriving in a city that you’ve never been to and barely know a thing about can be a daunting task, even more so when you have a 4 month old baby! We decided we would get the airport pickup organized directly by the hotel to avoid the hassles at arrival.

So worth it! The driver was waiting for us at arrival with a sign, ready to help us with our luggage (and we had a lot!) and zip us straight to our hotel! A 45minute drive to the center of Athens and we arrived to our hotel, a beautiful building tucked away in one of the best and safest areas of Athens right beside the main shopping district and the parliament. It’s a small boutique hotel and the staff was amazing, very welcoming and helpful! They knew we were coming with a baby so they even prepared a baby crib in our room! And what a room!


Second bedroom and living room - Image by Met34
The boss relaxing watching his TV shows

Image by Met34
Super modern filled with technology (control the temperature, windows and lights from central keypads in each room), a small kitchen complete with coffee/espresso machine and complimentary coffee… freshly ground specialty coffee and espresso beans, I thought that was a very nice touch (I’m a huge coffee lover)

The bed was really comfortable, the shower amazing and breakfast was delivered to our room the next morning, so much choice and huge portions!

My mother in law met us in Athens the Saturday but her flight arrived very late, since she got to the hotel around 10pm we decided to have supper at the restaurant that was located just below the hotel. Beautiful terrace, food was excellent and when it got a little cold outside they brought blankets for us to keep warm in.

Our flight to Santorini was very early in the morning (7:30am…way too early!) so we checked out around 5am, and to our surprise the hotel had arranged little breakfast to go bags for us filled with all the great food we enjoyed so much during our stay.  This was not something we asked for (we never even thought of it!) it just goes to show how caring and hospitable the hotel and staff are.

It’s rare that I find such a perfect hotel that I fall in love with and recommend, but this is truly one of the very few that I proudly recommend! We have found our new home in Athens for sure!

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