Thursday, June 16, 2016

Amoudi Bay: A Must See While In Oia!

So one of the must do/see if you’re in Oia is visit Amoudi Bay, it’s a great little fishing harbor located at the bottom of the cliffs just a few minutes outside Oia. 

There are many options to get there (rent a car and drive yourself down, take a taxi or simply walk down the road. There’s also the famous steps! 250 steps taking you straight down to Amoudi Bay from Oia. Since we had a 4-month old baby we decided it would be safer to walk down the road

The view is absolutely stunning, with a few small restaurants along the shore with nice big terraces by the bay all showing off the day’ catch (There was octopus strung up in front of the terraces). We had a good lunch of fresh fish, eggplant dip and prawns! Everything was super fresh and delicious and the staff friendly.

After a good lunch, we were feeling a little more adventurous and decided to take the stairs up! (We could have also taken a donkey ride up, but again with a 4-month old that was a big no no). It’s a workout for sure but worth the effort, tons of great places to take in the scenery and photo ops. Just watch your step as there’s quite a bit of manure!

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