Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Santorini, Greece: La Maltese Hotel Oia Review

Truly a dream destination!

As I mentioned earlier finding the right hotel as a family with a baby (and our first trip!) it was difficult to find the right place to stay… we wanted more space that’s available from renting an apartment but wanted to keep all the facilities/services of a hotel. Although there is a lot of choice in Oia we found the best of both worlds at La Maltese Oia, a brand new hotel right in the center of the city.

We booked the 2-bedroom Deluxe suite with private jacuzzi. The room was beautiful with a huge terrace overlooking the water and caldera and complete with a private hot tub! (which we got to take advantage of on a chilly night!!)

The location could not have been more perfect; it is located just above the main pedestrian street where all the shops and many restaurants are located. So we didn’t have to climb up/down hundreds of steps several times a day just to go for a walk or have lunch/dinner.

If you’re visiting Oia I would definitely recommend Skiza for breakfast or lunch, and Floga, and for a romantic dinner definitely check out Ambrosia (although we went as a family with Julian, now that’s a topic for a whole different post!).

The hotel manager and staff were excellent, doing their best to make sure we had an enjoyable stay. Delivering an abundant breakfast to the room every morning and seeing if there was anything else that could be arranged…They even arranged to have a hair stylist and nail manicurist visit for a special in-room service since Oia doesn’t have hair/nail salons (what a treat!).

The only thing to be careful is that Oia is not suitable for small children (We went at the perfect time, Julian wasn’t crawling/walking yet!). Most/all hotels in Oia will advise the same because of the layout of the city (many steep steps and pathways, low guardrails etc…)

We spent each morning and the end of everyday enjoying the gorgeous views from the terrace, a sight I will not soon forget.

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