Friday, September 2, 2016

How To Dye Black Hair Lighter Without Bleach

I’ve had jet black hair all my life and a few years I started coloring it black (huge mistake). At the time I didn’t know you couldn’t get rid of black hair dye so after the delivery of my baby all I could think about was lightening my hair color. I went to a local hair salon to do a bleach test on small locks of my black hair to see if that was an option… the hair that was tested fell off. So after searching on the Internet I found Pravana Artificial Hair Color Extractor and I decided to give it a try. 

The description of the product stated that it removes permanent color from your hair and returns it to your natural hair color, so I bought 2 boxes from amazon to give it a try. I followed the instructions on the box but only used half the amount for the first try. And here is my hair after the first application;

It did remove some color but the ends were still dark, the good thing is my hair was not damaged.
So I used the other half 3 days later and it lightened the ends a little more but still not as light as the roots. My hair still wasn’t damaged after the second try so that’s good.

On their brochure it states you can use it up to 3  times so I used the other box too for a final try… unfortunately the last application damaged my hair a little. The ends got extremely dry and some of my hair fell out. It did lighten it more at the end but still it’s dark.
Third application in the shade

Third application in sunlight

Pravana Color Extractor on black hair
So here are my thoughts on Pravana;
If you have dark hair and have been dyeing your hair black this product will not take your hair back to original color as stated on the box but, it will extract all artificial color leaving your hair lighter and doesn’t damage the hair from the first application (at least for me)

Second I would advise to bring the product to a professional salon for them to do it for you as the hair needs to be covered with a plastic cap and processed under medium heat for 20 minutes equally… I did it at home with hair dryer.

Third and probably most important is that my problem was I was dyeing my hair wrong every few weeks for years. I would dye my hair by putting the color on all of my hair instead of just doing the roots… and that caused the formation of many layers of color on my hair (I must have at least 30 layers!). That’s why I was not able to remove the color with Pravena…at least that’s what my hair stylist said.

So my hair ended up being a disaster; 2 different colors…and not the nice dark on the top and light on the bottom… no it was the opposite lol! I couldn’t color it light and the only solution was to go back to black. I went to 2 different hairdressers to fix it and both said to go back to black. So I bought a light brown temporary hair color (no more black!) and put it on, when I was washing my hair started falling off!!! I was in a deep panic at this stage and the color was very bad.

Here is my hair after the brown;

I figured I had done enough damage to my hair so I decided to fix it professionally and since I was gonna be in Montreal 2 weeks later I decided I’d wait to see a professional hairdresser there.

As soon as I arrived in Montreal I booked an appointment with Garcon Coiffeurs. My hair stylist’ (colorist) name is George (he’s the best!), he told me my hair was so damaged at this stage it was better to let my hair take a break for 6 months (by only coloring it properly…not the whole head) and to fix the color it gradually over 6 months instead of stripping the black down in one visit. This is what the goal is;

My appointment took 4 hours!! He was so meticulous that he colored each little section of hair differently to balance the dark color down with the light. And OMG I was so happy with the result!

Finally my hair was fixed and with no damage.

He was so nice! When I told him I wasn’t going to be in Montreal for the next 6 months he wrote down all the color combinations and instruction to be used every 6 weeks for me! For anyone wondering; here’ the list;

I would recommend this salon to anyone in (or visiting) Montreal.

The reason I’ve done my hair alone for so long is that I’ve been very disappointed by so many hairdressers in the past that I ended up not trusting them… Now I only go to Garcon Coiffeur in Montreal to do my hair (I saw Arnaud for cuts and George for coloring!!)

In case you are not living in Montreal, I would recommend going to any L’Oreal certified salons. Here’ a link of where you can find them.

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