Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saudi Wedding - Jovani gown

I was invited to a traditional Saudi wedding last week and I have to say it was an amazing night. 

Some of the highlights and differences to a traditional Arabic or western wedding are that Saudi weddings start extremely late – I was ready and arrived at around 5pm but the majority of guests only started arriving around 10pm! Saudi weddings are really social events, many of the mothers and fathers of the guests that attend use the event to scout out potential matches (for marriage) for their adult children – because of this the guests really dress to impress, showing off all these big beautiful gowns. 

I mentioned people only arrived around 10pm? Well the bride of this wedding only finally made an appearance at 12:40am!  It was so late that I left 5 minutes later – the food had not even been served yet but I had a hungry baby waiting for me back home and he had already had 1 bottle that evening with dad (we try to limit formula as much as possible) 
(I later found out they only served dinner at 3am!)

I wore a Black Strapless A-Line Dress with Beaded Corset from Jovani. The beautiful sheer corset really defines the waistline and accentuates the hourglass figure. It’s entirely decorated with sequins, floral beading and lace appliques with the gold Jimmy Choo shoes I splurged on during my maternity!

And I had my makeup done by a makeup artist... not really my style, I kept telling her to remove the layers but I think she just continued adding! Still happy with the result though!

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