Center Profile of Wo Long Academy


Wo Long Academy, the international department of Rizhao Shanhai High School, is an A-Level center enrolling students from Grade 10 to 12. The center opened in the fall of 2020 and will graduate its first senior class in the summer of 2023. Wo Long Academy is accredited by Oxford AQA (center No. 76275) and CAIE (center No. CX175) as the officially designated teaching and exams center.

WLA provides a bilingual learning environment by pooling high-quality educational resources, embedding Chinese culture, and selecting international bilingual integrated curriculum most suitable for Chinese children to learn and explore, with the aim to cultivate global talents who are in pursuit of excellence in climbing the peak of knowledge and whose actions speak louder than words in shouldering the responsibilities of the times with the characteristics of powerful physique, abundant soul, unique essence and temperament of the Chinese nation and future competence.


These IGCSE courses are offered: Art and Design, Business, ESL, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

These A-Level courses are offered: Business, Chinese, Economics, English Literature, Further Mathematics, IPQ Project, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Besides, our center also offers eight extra-curricular courses covering a variety of subjects. Students are allowed to choose subjects according to their interests or career planning after consulting with the university admission officer.
Enrollment Requirements

All the potential candidates must sit in our centers entrance exam for admission. The exam is divided into two rounds, including both written exam and an interview. The paper-based exam lasts 2 hours, in which the candidates English and mathematics foundation will be tested. The pass standard is grade C or above (60%). The interview takes about 30 minutes, depending on the candidates abilities, in which their English-speaking ability is tested, their personalities are displayed, and their academic interests are explored. Only those who pass the both rounds with an overall grade B or above(70%) shall be issued the admission offer.

Public Exams Results

As we are a brand-new center, our students only sat in the public exams once.

During the 2022 June exam series, 8 students took OxfordAQA exams.

8 students took the IGCSE exams and 100% received an A or A*.

2 students took AS exams and 100% passed with a B or above; 50% received an A or A*.

Predicted Grades

Our center conducts internal center-scale exams as the summative assessments. Results from tests and pop quizzes, students in-class performance, homework completion are also included in the students academic portfolio, along with the results from the summative exams. A students existing portfolio and academic potential serve as the foundation for all grade predictions. Please see the grading scale for the internal assessment in our center: A*(≥90%), A(≥80%), B(≥70%), C(≥60%), D(≥50%), U(<50%). The following is the ratio for different components composing the predicted grades: internal assessment (60%), in-class performance (20%), homework completion (10%), tests and pop quizzes (10%).


When the application season is approaching, the EO shall preside over the curriculum meeting with all the teaching staff, requiring them to submit a final report for the predicted grades after meticulous discussions to ensure fairness and validity.  

As we are a new center, after consultation with UCAS, we were advised that for the year 2022 only, the two senior class students should apply independently.

In the near future, as an active and growing center, we will do our best to develop and expand our professionalism and social influence.

Should there be any questions, please see our contact info as below:

Exams officer 


Tel. 0086633-867-2201